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What am i up to?

Fresh from the Edinburgh fringe festival, I'm now performing mainly new material in preparation of pulling together a new show. Eventually! You'll also find me curating and regularly hosting We Love Comedy, a pop up comedy shop bringing brilliant comedy to brilliant places. We are also bringing our ever-so-slightly acclaimed (by audience and critics!) Edinburgh show to the Kingston Comedy Festival, just because we can and love the characters dearly.
who am i?

A versatile comedian and curator of comedy, with love for the audience. A semi-finalist in 2010's So You Think You're Funny Competition. A shortlisted comedian in 2011 for the BBC New Comedy Awards. A finalist in the 2012 Piccadilly Comedy Club competition where Chortle reviewed him as "Happy", one of the more positive words used in that particular review. A regular performer and host of comedy shows all over. A hater of competitions, aside from spot the ball. A husband and three-legged dog owner.
what do people say?

"A Very Funny Man" 
Stephen K. Amos

"Brilliantly funny"

"A flair for observation"

"A natural MC"

Paul Ricketts

"There were some stand-out performances including a reverse 
Aristocrats gag by Sean Brightman which was ace"

Tiernan Douieb
watch me here

Here are a few things to watch. Some old, some slightly newer.
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Why not say hello? If you like what you see and would like to book me to host a show or perform a comedy set from five to fifty minutes, please get in touch. I can also help put together a bespoke comedy show to suit your needs. Just fill in the form below.
We Love Comedy

It was my birthday a couple of days ago (although we've been using it as an excuse for drinking and looking at animals in the zoo for a good week now). Not only was I lucky enough to spend time with some lovely friends and my beautiful girl, I also received some brilliant birthday presents. The one I'm going to share with you comes from Bec Hill (and I suspect her top man, Gavin had something to do with this too.)

Here it is:

Edinburgh survival guide
"What does this 'Sean Brightman's Edinburgh Fringe Survival Kit' contain then?" I hear you mutter half-heartedly in my own head. I shall delay you no longer in finding out good person:

What we have there is (from left to right):
•an umbrella 'The Edin-bare Necessity'
•a tin of Heinz Tomato Sup 'The one proper meal you will have in a month'
•an energy shot 'use in case of emergency'
•roll-on deodorant 'shower replacement system'
•multi-vitamins 'substitute for food'
•Anadin Extra 'take one a day'
•That Jordan and Alex Reid book 'last-minute material supply'.

*The fish-bowl was not included

Almost everything you need to survive performing at the festival. I say almost everything, as I got given this from my lovely friend Kerrie:

And it fits perfectly in the box!

How well my friends know me.